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Siege Perilous is a progression raiding guild. We value competence, maturity, respect, teamwork, and fun.
We aim to kill bosses as fast as possible for three nights a week. Live to Win.



Siege Perilous and Legion

Grashore a posted Sep 7, 16

Howdy folks!

I know you have seen me maybe logging in once or twice every month or so until Legion. My current work schedule has restricted me to not put in as much time as I'd like to be able to play, and therefore we will not be doing anysort of 'hardcore' Mythic Progression this patch. This could all change eventually at some point during the expansion, but as of now, Siege will essentially be a small group of individuals doing events, dungeons, and Normal/Heroic raids.

If you were in Siege up until January 2016, most of you should have the credentials to be able to find a home for your main character to do progression raiding in another guild! We had a great group of people who were funt o be around, and have a lot of memories together.

Regardless of what you might have heard, Siege Perilous is not 'dead'. With the amount of work that goes into Guild Leading, I just am unable (at this time) to devote the necessary time into recruiting, raid leading, strategy, theorycrafting, and be able to raid the 5 days a week, 3 hours a day as we did.

I have bought Legion, and will not have to work this weekend (as far as I know), and will be power leveling my Death Knight to level 110. I'm definitely looking forward to it. If anyone has any questions, you are more than welcome to ask me. The website will also continue to be accessible during Legion, so for our friends that left you can always come back and chit chat with us. Siege Perilous also has a discord, and I will be adding the widget to the website this weekend as well that anyone will be able to join and chat.

As always, good luck and have fun


Rest assured, plans are in the works and will appear here on the home page in a few weeks time. If you were an officer during WoD who hasn't talked to Laggy or Grashore yet, please reach out or look for posts in the officer forums.

Strikur Can't wait for Legion - any new updates on guild reforming?

We are nearing the end of the expansion, as we spend more time in Hellfire Citadel (been close to 7 months I believe), some of our main raiders who have been raiding since Highmaul are getting burnt out. This happens in every expansion, and for the wellness and health of the raid team, we're going to be cutting raid times down. This will give more incentive for our best 20 to show up on those 2 days, and therefore getting bosses down faster.

New Raid Schedule

Mythic Raiding

Tuesday 7:45pm-11:00pm CST (Server Time)

Thursday 7:45pm-11:00pm CST (Server Time)

15 minute break for each day

Heroic Clear

Wednesday 7:45pm-11:00pm CST (Server Time)

No Break during raid

New Loot Policies for Offnights

Previous Rule:

All Weapons/Trinkets/Tokens/Tier go to main players over alts/non guildies. This Rule is null and void IF there are random pugs in the group. Any non-guildies/friends that are in the raid group must acknowledge this rule.

New Loot Policies

Mythic Raiding

Alt characters will eventually be welcome to join us on mythic raid nights. We will be requiring everyone stay on their main characters for the first couple weeks until we get some of our new main raiders loot. WHEN we decide to allow alt characters -

  • You must have approval from the current raid leader.
  • You must give up your priority in PR when loot is rolled when on an alternative character. You are considered the same priority as "OFF SPEC", and regardless of PR, any main character that is rolling for the loot, including free roll, will have higher priority than you.
  • Approval from the current raid leader can differ from week to week, due to current composition, regardless of your alternative characters current progression/gear/ring ilvl.
  • If you are approved to bring in your alt character for that night, you need to bring your main character to the bridge in front of HFC and log him off there. There could be a time that we require raiders on alternative characters to switch, whether after a wipe or before a particular boss. We do not want to waste time waiting for somebody to fly over.
  • Adherence to the rules will also play into the approval aspect of bringing your alt. If you are consistently not parking your main character out front and the raid is waiting between switches, or are unable to do mechanics as well as you can on your main character, or any problems due to the alternative character being in the group, this will affect future approvals.

Heroic Clear/OffNight

Officers/Raid Leader will be considered the Loot Council. Loot will be prioritized based on attendance to the mythic raid, usability to the raid, and attendance/performance on mythic nights.

Having geared alternative characters and practice on them is a great thing! This gives us more opportunities to cheese mechanics and make things a lot easier, especially if the person is playing them well. HOWEVER, our first priority is gearing up/getting practice on main characters, and if the officers do not feel like you're pulling your weight on your main character, we will require you to continue practicing and getting it right.

All of these policies are flexible, and can change based on the success of these rules and feedback from our guildies. Our goal is to ensure that our main raid roster, including potential new initiates that are working their way onto the team, have every single opportunity available to have all the gear they need to be viable on mythic progression bosses.

You can find these new policies included in THIS forum post, where a lot more information is included about what's in store for the rest of the expansion and the beginning of Legion.

Adark We still doing Mythic Blackrock runs for the mount?
Grashore a Yep! We will be going back to our old schedule when Legion drops. Tues/Thurs/Mon for Heroic Raid, Wed/Fri for Normal sta...
Healmebro A little bit more relaxed schedule, that's good I figure. Are you planning to go back to MTTH when legion drops?

The only thing overwhelmingly chaotic about Xhul'horac was all the loot that exploded when he died.

Listed Here

Tanks: Frostedblood Healmebro

Healers: Meex Ashille Nikkiangel

DPS: Adriun Forky Kyede Laggytoes Catsoup Nelronn Coco Kaeladen Balrund Chiharu Daux Skurred Adark Yothiel Alluralia

Logs can be found here.

Killed on 2/1/16

Mythic Mannaroth, you're next.

[Video will be eventually be uploaded]

Listed Here

Tanks: Frostedblood Healmebro

Healers: Meex Ashille Kalkirin Yothiel Nikkiangel

DPS: Adriun Frorky Kyede Nelronn Catsoup Coco Tanashijowns Alluralia Chiharu Adark Skurred Daux Kaeladen

Logs can be found here.

First kill was on 1/19. Mythic Xhul'horac video will be uploaded soon!

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